#ShitToHit TONIGHT: The Tower Sessions – The Art of Tower Classic Tatto by @BCummingsPhoto


One of our favorite STL-based photographers, Brian Cummings, has a show tonight showcasing the tattoos of Tower Classic Tatto with an interesting twist on the typical printing process: the photographic prints of tattoos (and their owners) are printed on leather, matching the concept with the execution. Pretty solid idea.

Tonight at Mad Art Gallery
7:00 – 11:00 p.m.
RSVP on Facebook.

From Brian Cummings:

The art of tattooing has experienced a renaissance of sorts in the last decade. Previously relegated to the fringe of society, tattoos are now accepted as part of mainstream culture. In past generations, only sailors, bikers and convicts would be expected to adorn their body in ink. Now it’s teachers, lawyers and chefs.

As the popularity of tattooing has grown, so has the skill and talent of the artists practicing the craft. Tower Classic Tattoo of St. Louis is a model of the modern evolution of tattooing. Owner and artist Sean Baltzell has built a loyal following and a stable of diverse and talented artists in his shop. His approach is true to the history of tattooing, while taking it beyond.

This series, “THE TOWER SESSIONS”, is a working portfolio of the artists of Tower Classic. The process of getting inked happens over a period of sessions. The complexity of the tattoo dictates the length and number of sessions. In a way, it’s similar to a therapy session. The client sits in a chair and begins to reveal their true self, the part that no one sees.

I photographed each model (client) in a series of my own sessions. Each subject was a study of the human form, the story behind the art and how it reflects or contradicts the model.

Each image is printed on leather — skin on skin, if you will.

Photography: Brian Cummings
Tattoo Artists: Tower Classic Tatttooing / Sean Baltzell (owner)
H&M: Brandie Marsden
Retouching: Curt von Diest
Logo: Jake Houvenagle


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