#ShitToHit TODAY: @AddyWeekSTL Panel Discussions


Today marks the panel series of Addy Week taking place at Joe Buck’s downtown. The roads have been cleared by all of the students attending last night’s event, so take an extended 4-hour lunch and head down to hear what some voices in the industry have to say about the following:

Panel 1: Big or Boutique?
Is there an ideal agency size? There are pluses and sacrifices to both, some obvious, some not. Let’s find out what clients, employees and recent grads are looking for and why.

Panel 2: Side Gigs: Creative Outlets From A Creative Industry
Get inspired by those who burn the candle at both ends and find time for projects like candle making. Hear how their work inspires their other work and vice versa.

Panel 3: Starting an Agency In 3 Easy Steps
Okay, there’s probably more to it than buying a computer and landing a client. So, let’s hear from those who’ve done it and how. We won’t tell your boss you were here.

Panel 4: Keeping The Love Alive
The business can be a grind. Deadlines, wheel reinventions, complex personalities, competitions and timesheets. Let’s all take a deep cleanse and remember why we love what we do. Then, it’s time for happy hour.

Get your free tickets here.
Starts at 1 p.m.


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