The Legend Of The Jackalope

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 1 (Jackalope)

Half jackrabbit, half antelope, all mystery. I was introduced to the legend of the jackalope by an old friend in Seattle. Studies indicate that it is native to the western United States. Some claim to have seen it. Some of them were clean and sober.

There was a shrine to the enigmatic animal in the Tiny Totem parade. Not exactly the Great Temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel but a suitable honor. All hail. You could wear that bonnet in the last picture at the Easter Parade.

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 17

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 19

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 18

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 20


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