5 Signs You Need a Date Night

Look, we all know that having a date night with your hubs is uber important. But how do you wedge it into your busy schedule? I’ve got an idea for you: date night happy hour. Yep. You’ll need to set up a little early evening babysitting, but it’s worth it. Grab your significant other straight from work and head to Clayton for happy hour at Ruth’s Chris.

What, you can’t afford Ruth’s Chris? Nonsense. This is your life, and quite possibly your relationship, that we’re saving here. Besides, there’s some cool happy hour specials going on from 4-6PM every Monday through Friday! The patio is gorgeous and the staff are so freakin’ nice that you’ll feel like you’re taking a 2 hour holiday at a swanky hotel. Ruths Chris Clayton

(This post is sponsored by Ruth’s Chris Clayton, who invited me to a fun little blogger party to show off their lovely patio.)

Ruth’s Chris Clayton is located at 1 N Brentwood Blvd, Clayton, MO 63015. Parking is free after 5pm, or you can feel like a queen and let the valet park your SUV. They won’t mind the Cheerios in the backseat, trust me on this one. Why not let them know you’re coming? Tweet them at @ruthschris and say, It’s date night and  #thisishowitsdone #ruthschris

Ok, so still not convinced that you need, I mean NEED a date at Ruth’s Chris in Clayton? you need a date night

5 Reasons You Might Need a Date Night

  1. The last time you went to the theater, you saw Elsa on ice skates.
  2. Pizza and Netflix is nice, but it’s not a date. Not. A. Date.
  3. Your diaper bag has become your purse.
  4. You introduce yourself as “Mason’s mom.”
  5. All your pants are yoga pants.

Photos by Ashley Kuenstler courtesy of the Midwest Influencer Network

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