Pagan Picnic 2015-06-06 2

You never count your money . . . Most of us know that tune.

There is an annual event in Tower Grove Park (home of many of our stranger events) called the Pagan Picnic. It attracts all the dream weavers, witches, soul travelers, mystics, tarot readers, Wiccans, goddess worshipers and pentangle janglers – and lots of their friends – from miles around. All in service to the greater goals of spiritualism until it’s time to count out a wad of twenties into a bank envelope.

I had quite the conversation with the man in the second photo. We agreed on a number of things.

Looking back over the kind of people I like to photograph, it seems unlikely you will ever find me shooting at the debutantes’ cotillion (although I’d love to).

Pagan Picnic 2015-06-06 3


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