Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is one of those tough holiday’s to shop for. The dads in my life just get what the need when they need it, and they’re not much for pampering. It’s not like we can just get a bottle of cologne and call it a day for the men in my life. (sigh)

So Mitch and I dropped by Here Today to see if we could find anything interesting (but within budget). Maybe the perfect gift was just waiting for us…Here Today for Father's Day

Alright, I’m going to be honest…when I dropped by Here Today I expected to walk out with some tools, or maybe a gift basket of craft beer and snacks for my husband. What I was NOT expecting was a bargain bonanza in electronics.

But that’s the awesome thing about Here Today. They are constantly–and I mean constantly–switching up the inventory and finding new deals and sweet merchandise for us. When they say that shopping at Here Today is like treasure hunt, they aren’t kidding. We were impressed.

First up was this 40 inch big screen TV for just $199.99. In camo! This would be an awesome addition to any dad’s man cave. Heck, I’d put it in the living room just to use that Hunter Orange remote. Now try to lose that one! I dare you!Here Today for Father's Day

We ended up getting Mitch’s dad a LG Blu-Ray player. It was only $59.99! It has wi-fi too, so it talks to our Netflix account, which is a lot easier than having to sift through all the options on Ryan’s Xbox just to watch a cartoon. 

We kept looking around the store to see what other cool things might be hiding around the next corner. We found sports themed wall art (Cardinals, Rams, Blues and Mizzou) and a lot of items for dads who BBQ, like ours!

There’s a Keurig K-Cup for $99 that would be awesome for the coffee drinking dad. For gardeners, there’s lots of planters in stock right now, and fun yard decorations.

Then in the home decor section we found picture frames that would look really good on a dad’s desk (one was just 2 bucks!), and a giant decorative thermometer that could hang on the back porch. 

If you need to wrap up a little gift, they also had Father’s Day gift bags ($1.99) and silly greeting cards. And this sweet “Dad” pennet that could be a keepsake as well as a card! For just $2, you can get dad all the swag he can handle!Father's Day

This post was sponsored by the fabulous peeps at Here Today. My opinions are always my own…but I love a good bargain! I’ll be back.

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