5 Advantages To Training For Your Career In The Entertainment Industry With EI

The wide accessibility of advanced recording technology has changed the landscape of music production. Now more than ever, amateur recording artists are able to release albums, experiment with sound and even launch careers in the comfort of their own homes. While most would agree that this change in the music industry landscape has had a positive impact on artists, allowing them to push their dreams forward, some may argue that the introduction of simple recording technology has caused the art of music to suffer.

In partnership with industry professionals, Vatterott College’s Ex’treme Institute by Nelly has developed a program to “make the practical training methods and hands-on experience once acquired only through internships and apprenticeships available to the amateur enthusiast.” Combining the best of both worlds, these classes allow you to turn your raw talent into a profession. And for the seasoned engineers, the Ex’treme Institute offers additional skills and classes in the emerging trends of the entertainment industry. We’ve teamed up with Vatterott to bring you five reasons to consider the Ex’treme Institute.


1/ Small Class Size

With intimate settings, the Ex’treme Institute provides students with focused training from instructors.

2/ Hands-On Learning

The hands-on learning approach at Ex’treme Institute provides students with real-world experience that will be valuable as soon as they leave the classroom. Lab classes are capped at 16 students, so each learner is building their resume from the start of the first class.

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3/ Industry Professional Instructors

The instructors are seasoned industry professionals, giving students a valuable perspective on the entertainment industry.

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4/ Industry Current Equipment

At the Ex’treme Institute, students are given access to the most current industry equipment and software. By allowing students to train on what is used in the field, they gain a head start in knowing what’s trending in the business.


5/ Career Services

Vatterott’s reach doesn’t stop at the classroom door. They offer career services to assist graduates in finding lucrative and fulfilling jobs that will allow them to pursue their chosen paths.

Vatterott College

Ex’treme Institute by Nelly St. Louis

Visit the Ex’treme Institute online.

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This post has been brought to you in part by the mentioned business. All photos have been provided by our partner unless otherwise noted. Thank you for supporting the companies that keep ALIVE growing. 


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