Dragon Days of Summer

It’s the Dragon Days of Summer around our house! July has been hotter than Hookfang’s fiery breath–so it’s been pretty nice going to the pool and then hanging out with Hiccup and Toothless! (And Hookfang, of course.)How to Train Your Dragon

We’ve been big fans of Dragons ever since Ryan read How to Train Your Dragon way back in 4th grade. Granted, the books and movies don’t really mesh–they took more than a few liberties with the story for the movies. But this is one case where I actually didn’t mind Hollywood veering off course–the film incarnation of How To Train Your Dragon is different, but in a good way. The video Hiccup is more heroic–and the dragons are waaaay cooler! We’ve seen the movies and now we’ve been watching the Netflix original series Dragons: Race to the Edge.

(Psst: This post is sponsored by Netflix! I’m on the #StreamTeam!)

Netflix has been producing some really awesome–and brand new–cartoons with Dreamworks lately. Besides the Dragons series, we’ve enjoyed The Adventures of Puss in Boots and All Hail King Julien, In fact, whenever I set up Mitch with a cartoon, we go straight for the Netflix account. Thank goodness our new Blu-Ray player can tap right into the Netflix streaming account, ’cause I’m sure Ryan was getting tired of pulling up cartoons on his Xbox for us…

Editor’s Note: I’m not that I’m a huge dork and can’t fire up the Xbox. It’s just that there are already FIVE remotes to operate my living room TV. F I V E. And one is usually hiding under the couch or sitting on top of the refrigerator! The Xbox controller is just a remote too far in my opinion. From left to right, we have the HDMI switcher–because we have too many things plugged into the TV. The stereo remote, because we like big sound. The Uverse remote–granted, this one is useless when I’m trying to find Netflix, but it’s easiest to find. I need the TV remote to change the input. AND FINALLY the Blu-Ray remote. One of these days I’m going to glue them all to a board!remotes

Anyway, speaking of Netflix cartoons…another thing I’m really liking about our account is that Mitch has his own sub-account. I just get everything turned on, then hand the last remote over to the kiddo. I can walk away knowing that he’s not going to accidentally watch whatever violent war movie the teenager and his dad were watching last! 

If your kids are into Dragons like my kids are, you’re in for a treat! You can find How to Train Your Dragon 2, How to Train Your Dragon: Legends, Dragons: Dawn of the Dragon Racers and now Dragons: Race to the Edge. That’s a whole lot of dragons to get you through summer!

Oh, and maybe head over the website for How to Train Your Dragon for some more fun! They have coloring pages, Hiccup’s map, a Dragonpedia, video clips and a whole lot more! 

Dragons: Race to the Edge

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