Cherokee Street Poster – @STLStyle x @NateJ_Design x @SleepyKittyBand


Beautiful work all around on this illustratively jam-packed poster. We’re sure this will be on more than a few STL christmas lists this year. Available this Friday from the STL-Style shop, it measures 18×24 and will cost $40. Buy it here.

Jeff Vines was kind enough to send some in-process shots and background on how the ultimate Cherokee Street poster was made:

“My brother, Randy, and I had talked about doing a poster that conveyed the essence of Cherokee Street for a long time, as our shop has called this street home for nearly six years. When we saw the work of local illustrator Nate Jones, we instantly knew we wanted to work with him on this project. We felt that Nate’s signature aesthetic could really bring our vision to life.”

“We began the process by taking photos of iconic buildings, street art and quirky details along the street from end to end. From the outset, we decided not to feature any specific businesses for a couple reasons – businesses come and go, and it would’ve been impossible to include all of them anyway. We wanted to create a timeless work of art that never becomes outdated or inadvertently excludes any businesses or entities.”

First Draft

“Nate pieced the images together in his signature artistic style, and also incorporated a few of his own. After a couple weeks of tedious edits (re-sizing of images, last-minute additions and other minor tweaks), the art portion was finally complete.”

Second Draft

“We then enlisted Cherokee’s own Sleepy Kitty to print the posters. As experienced poster art screenprinters, they devised a recommended color palette that blends harmoniously with the illustration and really makes it pop.”

Detail shots

View a larger image of the final poster.


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