Where To Find The Best Flowers In The Middle Of America

Has there ever been a better way to celebrate the arrival of mid-summer than with freshly picked blooms? Whether you’re on the hunt for the happiest table top sunflowers or the perfect wedding peonies, the Midwest is home to some of the most inventive florists and unique flower shops in the country.

Check out these one-stop floral shops for your next bouquet or new succulent creation.

Photo credit: Morgan's In Bloom

Photo credit: Morgan’s In Bloom

Morgan’s In Bloom: Chicago, IL

Located in Chicago’s cultural Ukrainian Village neighborhood, Morgan’s In Bloom offers custom floral design for both special events and customers seeking a unique floral creation to bring home. Overflowing cascade bouquets for weddings and eye-catching centerpieces are Morgan’s specialty, as well as everyday bouquets and arrangements. Flowers aren’t your forte? Then Morgan’s in-house succulent bar is for you. The DIY bar is fully stocked with plant vessels, colorful mosses and a variety of easy-to-care-for succulent plants that you can use to design your own creation-no green thumb required.

Photo credit: Flowers & Weeds

Photo credit: Flowers & Weeds

Flowers & Weeds: St. Louis, MO

Flowers & Weeds is a floral studio powerhouse-and also touts the titles of urban flower grower and greenhouse-in the heart of St. Louis. The floral shop is the authority on which flowers are flourishing seasonally due to the fact that they’re grown on-site, with gorgeous marigold, sunflower and cosmos varieties currently in full bloom. Flowers & Weeds also plays host to educational workshops that give attendees a go at crafting their own earthy terrariums, natural bouquets, and woven macrame creations. Pop in on a Saturday morning and don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of the shop’s resident cat along with some of the most Instagram-worthy succulent displays in the city.

Photo credit: FLWR Shop

Photo credit: FLWR Shop

FLWR Shop: Nashville, TN

Basic and expected blooms need not apply: FLWR Shop makes it clear from the get-go that it’s not your granny’s flower store. Planted in Five Points East Nashville, the floral spot offers flower delivery services, educational classes and even a subscription service that delivers fresh, unique flowers to members on a monthly basis. FLWR Shop’s arrangements focus on dark and moody hues accompanied with rich greenery, making for a dramatic and eye-catching bouquet or centerpiece. Don’t miss the shop’s enticing wall of potted plants, which vary in size and species and are just begging to go home with you.

Photo credit: Pot + Box

Photo credit: Pot + Box

Pot + Box: Detroit, MI

Pot + Box is a community-driven floral and horticultural design company that operates out of a quaint studio on the fringes of Detroit in Hamtramck, Michigan. Pot + Box aims to create the most beautiful, high-quality floral creations by sticking to its core values: sourcing only local and all-American flowers, sticking to a zero waste goal when designing and hosting events that engage and educate the surrounding community. How’s that for floral design with a purpose? Check out the floral purveyor’s mobile flower truck at any of their scheduled pop-up events to get your fill of fresh blooms, wispy air plants and succulents.


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