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I always want to show that St. Louis is a great place for creative people to have a career. Whether it’s design, photography, writing, digital, or whatever is next, there is a bunch of people here rooting for you and wanting to help make it happen.

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The Great Cycle

Late post today. Too much to do, too much to do…
Anyway, back at Art In Bloom from the section of the museum with south Asian art. I’m not sure which Hindu deity is represented in the sculpture (suggestions welcome) but it and the floral arrangement certainly suggest the cycle of creation and destruction, of life, death and rebirth. One of my favorites from the show.    

Two Vendors Of Nashville’s Upcoming Antiques & Garden Show Share Some Insights

While we aren’t out of the winter slump quite yet, the 27th Annual Antiques & Garden Show of Nashville plans to bring about the freshness we need. Feb. 3-5 will be packed with high-caliber speakers, inspirational designs and plenty of expertly curated antiques. This year’s event, themed “Cultivated Style,” features interior-design celebrity Nate Berkus as a keynote speaker and book signer, as well as multiple design and garden talks, cocktail parties and over 150 vendors from antique dealers to artists to horticulturists.

The show is the largest of its kind in the country, pulling in more than 15,000 attendees each year, and benefits two main entities: Cheekwood and Economic Club of Nashville (ECON). Cheekwood is a gorgeous, 55-acre botanical garden and art museum rich with historic overtones and located in Nashville, while ECON supports various other charities in the city that focus on economic, social and political issues. This includes its own program, which provides children lacking resources with the opportunity to experience Nashville’s plentiful cultural institutions.


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class=”wp-caption-text”>Cheekwood Botanical Garden

Olivier Fleury, owner of Olivier Fleury, Inc., and Stacey Krantz, owner of InBloom Jewelry, are both vendors at the show this year. While neither are first-time sellers at the event, they both represent the all-encompassing dedication each vendor brings to the show.

Fleury, based in Winter Park, Fl., has been a direct importer of 18th- and 19th-century French antiques for over 30 years-but what makes his collection special is more than his accumulation of French contacts. With a scrupulous eye, he personally picks each piece and then restores it in house. “It always brings me pleasure when I am able to find an old antique and restore it as the craftsman who made it originally,” he says. Vendors with a careful eye and steadfast passion for workmanship are what attendees can expect to find at the Nashville event, which Fleury can’t wait to explore again. “Nashville customers have good, educated taste in European flavors,” he adds.


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class=”wp-caption-text”>Designed by Oliver Fleury